The Next Best Anti-Inflammatory Drug Might Be Greener Than You Thought

It may seem outrageous considering the wide array of health claims that surround the use of cannabis. Many of the illnesses that have been associated with cannabis use have one attribute in common: chronic inflammation. Therefore, it is highly probable that using medical marijuana, in specific CBD, is one of the most compelling anti-inflammatory methods of managing inflammation.

How CBD Medical Marijuana Works For Managing Inflammation

In order to fully understand how CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, we must take into account the process of inflammation. As a part of normal bodily functions, inflammation is a vital process in order to protect us. During these series of actions, white blood cells surround and isolate the “threat” to the system while releasing chemicals to kill the invader. This is a normal process that happens millions of times a day in our bodies. The problem of chronic inflammation arises when the immune system constantly attacks invaders that are native to one’s own body, and as a result damages tissues and cells

Inflammation can be brought upon through athletes’ intense exercise regiments. Following a workout, microscopic tears occur in muscle tissues leading to inflammation which triggers the body’s repair operations causing stronger tissues to grow. However, if excess inflammation persists due to a rigorous workout, workout results are often hindered and may even lead to exercise injuries (strains and sprains) as a result.  Therefore, managing pain, alleviating stress and enhancing performance are top priorities for athletes.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are  the most common medications used for pains and studies have shown that cannabis could play a role in pain control with a larger therapeutic window and safer profile. CBD has proven to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects that function through different mechanisms on the human body. CBD is better suited with digestive issues, muscle recovery. CBD tends to be the favored cannabinoid due to the wide range of symptoms that respond to its application.

CBD’s interactions with receptors in the brain cause differences in mood and perception of pain. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of banned substances in January 2018, allowing professional athletes to get better relief from CBD’s superior anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are susceptible to conditions with an inflammatory root cause, then please feel free to reach out and consult physicians at a cannabis clinics for further information.

MD Cannabis Clinic is a cannabis clinic in Calgary striving to serve all patients with a calm and efficient approach. Medical marijuana can help with a variety of ailments from chronic pain to neurological and mental health. If you’re a candidate for a medical marijuana prescription, book an appointment with MD Cannabis Clinic today! Call us at (403)276-2777 or send an email to

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