How to Get a Marijuana Prescription In Calgary

Getting a prescription for medical cannabis might seem daunting if you do not know where to start. There is nothing to worry about though: here’s a beginner’s guide to getting a legal marijuana prescription in Calgary.

Step 1: Get A Referral For Medical Marijuana

Your local family doctor is the starting point for you to obtain a marijuana prescription. They will have a history of your medical records and can prescribe you with a referral letter to a cannabis clinic, where you can continue the process. If your doctor does not prescribe medical marijuana you will need to visit a cannabis clinic or a physician that does.  

Step 2: Visit A Cannabis Clinic In Calgary

Once you have your referral letter from your physician, you can book an appointment with a cannabis clinic in Calgary. These medical experts will be able to certify if you are eligible for medical cannabis by conducting a physician consultation and assessment. You will need to provide medical documentation confirming your diagnosis before the assessment commences.

Step 3: Assigning You A Marijuana Prescription In Calgary

If you are eligible, the healthcare professional will help guide you to find the right medical product, or products, to help with your condition. They will educate you on cannabis products depending on your needs. However, not all patients are candidates due to specific medical conditions.

Step 4: Registration With A Licenced ACMPR Producer

Cannabis clinics do not sell medical marijuana products, but instead, provide you with educational information on the products and assign you to a licenced ACMPR producer. These producers are put through rigorous tests and assessments by Health Canada to prove they meet the standards issued by the government. Your cannabis clinic healthcare professional will assign you to an ACMPR expert so you can obtain your medical cannabis treatment.

Step 5: Medical Marijuana Follow Up Consultation

After registration, a follow-up consultation will be booked with the cannabis clinic. This is due to medical rules stipulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. The appointment will be an assessment if the medical cannabis is helping your condition and whether or not your medical marijuana prescription has to change.

MD Cannabis Clinic is a cannabis clinic in Calgary striving to serve all patients with an educational and efficient approach. Medical marijuana can help with a variety of ailments from chronic pain to neurological and mental health. If you’re a candidate for a medical marijuana prescription, book an appointment with MD Cannabis Clinic today! Call us at (403)276-2777 or send an email to

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