Cannabis Clinics 101

There is no doubt when it comes to getting medical marijuana in Calgary, a cannabis clinic is your best choice. What should you expect when you visit one?

Everything You Should Know About Cannabis Clinics in Calgary

Unlike other establishments that sell marijuana, a cannabis clinic is designed to help people that are suffering from medical conditions. It is not a business that sells marijuana for recreational use, but a medical establishment with a goal to helping individuals.

It is run by healthcare professionals and experts in the field, who have in-depth knowledge when it comes to marijuana and how it works at a medical level. They aim to provide people with the best medical advice to help them with their health issues.

They promote the use of medical marijuana over recreational because of the many benefits. These include:

  • Medical marijuana products are strictly regulated for safety and efficacy,
  • Accessibility to more CBD strains,
  • Potential coverage through health benefit plans, health insurance and Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) tax credit, and
  • Most importantly, you will receive qualified and experienced support and advice from medical professionals.

More significantly, cannabis clinics do not sell medical marijuana products of any sort. Instead, they are focused on providing educational information on the products and helping patients find the right licensed producers to help with their conditions. Cannabis clinics will provide you with a free consultation session to assess for medical eligibility.  

If eligible, they will guide you to find the best product(s) that will work for your condition(s). However, not all patients are candidates for a medical cannabis prescription due to certain medical comorbidities or conditions.


It is important to find a medical cannabis clinic that has experienced doctors and educators that have a healthcare professional background. They should be like any other medical clinic where it is patient centric.

It goes without saying that if you need any medical marijuana to help you with your medical condition(s), you should visit your cannabis clinic in Calgary today. A healthcare professional will be able to get you started on your new life managing your conditions.

MD Cannabis Clinic is a cannabis clinic in Calgary striving to serve all patients with a calm and efficient approach. Medical marijuana can help with a variety of ailments from chronic pain to neurological and mental health conditions. If you believe you’re a candidate for a medical marijuana prescription, book an appointment with MD Cannabis Clinic today! Call us at (403)276-2777 or send an email to

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