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Everything You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana and Treating Cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease that can ruin your life and drastically affect your everyday living. Undergoing treatment for it is a must, but there are plenty of side-effects that come with it. Not only are you dealing with the symptoms from cancer, but also the side-effects of chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy. Finding relief, therefore, is paramount.

It is why medical cannabis is highly recommended. The components of medical marijuana can help people find relief from the numerous symptoms of cancer, and it’s treatments. It is one of the most commonly used, and most effective, forms of palliative care for cancer patients.

How Medical Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

Relieving Symptoms 

Using medical marijuana can help people find relief and solace when it comes to coping with the symptoms of cancer. In many cases, medical marijuana will help with the following symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting
    Studies have shown that cannabis can relieve nausea, vomiting or both. It is one of the most common side-effects of cancer treatments, so having a respite from it is essential.
  • Loss of appetite
    People with cancer tend to lose their appetite, which can be a problem, as it leads to severe weight loss. Cannabis can stimulate appetite – known as the “munchies” – encouraging people to eat even when they’re not hungry.
  • Pain & Inflammation
    Pain and bodily inflammation are one of the more painful side-effects of cancer and its treatments. Medical marijuana can help by relaxing muscles and built-up tension, reducing pain and inflammation in the process.
  • Sleeping Problems
    If patients struggle with sleeping because of their treatment and cancer, medical cannabis can help relax and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Anxiety & depression
    There is no question: going through something as stressful and life-threatening as cancer can send people into a downward spiral. The right combination of medical cannabis can help calm anxiety and reduce any depression the patient might be feeling.

What About Side Effects? 

Some side-effects come with medical cannabis. It is imperative that if people feel an overwhelming sense of any of the following side-effects, that they speak to their healthcare professional at their cannabis clinic in Calgary. They will be able to help them find the right balance to help them. Using medical cannabis may cause:

  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Sensory changes, including slower reaction times and a lack of balance
  • A dry mouth
  • A rapid heartbeat
  • A rise in blood pressure

However, if more information is required on how medical marijuana affects chemotherapy and radiation therapy, speak to a healthcare professional for more details.

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How To Obtain Medical Marijuana in Calgary

People who have cancer will be provided with information to visit a cannabis clinic in Calgary, where they will be able to obtain a prescription. With this document, they will be allowed to get cannabis for medical purposes through licensed producers with an ACMPR licence in Calgary.

Depending on the status of their condition, and what is prescribed by medical professionals, patients will be allowed to try different forms of cannabis to see what helps them with their symptoms. The forms include cannabis capsules, cannabis oil, or fresh cannabis buds that can be smoked or vaporized.

Patients will be educated on which cannabis products will be tailored to their needs, such as the amount of THC and CBD (the two main ingredients of the cannabis plant) they should have in their treatment.

Furthermore, patients will have follow-up appointments where they will receive continuous education and support to see if the cannabis treatment is helping them.

Book Your Appointment With Your Cannabis Clinic in Calgary

Medical marijuana has proven beneficial to those people who have cancer. The relief gain and the reduction in pain has helped people cope with this traumatic time in their lives. If you require medical cannabis for your cancer treatment, or if you would like more information to help a loved one, book your appointment with your cannabis clinic in Calgary immediately.

MD Cannabis Clinic is a cannabis clinic in Calgary striving to serve all patients with an educational and efficient approach. Medical marijuana can help with a variety of ailments from chronic pain to neurological and mental health. If you’re a candidate for a medical marijuana prescription, book an appointment with MD Cannabis Clinic today! Call us at (403)276-2777 or send an email to

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