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We Can Help You Get an ACMPR License

An ACMPR License allows you to grow cannabis for personal use under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. At MD Cannabis Clinic, we can help you apply for and prepare to receive your ACMPR license. When you receive a marijuana prescription, you can obtain your products from a licensed producer, or you can produce your own. We offer guidance, education, and assistance as you make the decision to grow cannabis for personal use and decide which strain and concentration of CBD are best. Whether you choose to become a licensed producer or not, we are devoted to your health and committed to helping you on the road to wellness and recovery. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable and confident in the care you receive at our cannabis clinic.

Explore New Horizons with an ACMPR License

Receiving your ACMPR license opens up a world of opportunities. In addition to having easy access to the products that you need when you need them, growing a cannabis crop can offer additional insights into the status and quality of your medicinal cannabis. Through our partnership with KannaVolve, you can receive the proper education to assist you in the growing process, and we can help to ensure that your growing practices are in line with ACMPR legislation and regulations. Growing your own cannabis crops is convenient, safe, and fun; there’s never been a better time to grow marijuana plants at home. Visit our cannabis clinic to get started with an ACMPR application today!

We Are a Proud Partner of KannaVolve

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